Kiselgur Filter

SPADONI Diatomaceous DCBL Special

• Compact mobil unit mounted on four wheels (two of them self-locking for a better stability);
• Built entirely in stainless steel;
• Dosing of D.E. by means of adjustable output pump;
• Flowmeter;
• Sight glasses light-up equipped for a better inlet and outlet product checking;
•  Horizontal filtering screens type assure a definite stability of the cake;
• Filtration of residual liquids carries out by the last positioned filtering screen placed in the vessel’s bottom;
• A patented tilting system of the filtering screens package assure an easy cleaning with a modest water consumption use;
• On models DCBL filtering surface the filter’s vessel tilting is supported by proper designed 
• Shock-absorbers and by the vessel (3,4,5 and 6 square metres) sliding on a shaft;
• On request filters with certified pressure vessel P.E.D., ASME, CODAPE.
• Between 50 and 150 hl / h

SPADONI Diatomaceous MAC Series
• Filters mounted on wheels up to 30 m2 filtering surface.
• Filtering stations (unmouvable) from 10 to 50 m2.
• Unit entirely stainless steel Aisi 304 made.
• Variable flow dosing pump.
• Lighted up inlet and outlet sight glasses.
• Horizontal screens design prevents the cake fall from eventual electrical cuts, even for long energy interruptions.
• Use of last filtering screen as scavenger filter.
• Centrifugal cake discharge system.
• Washing of vessel inside performed by sprayers.
• Filtering screens easy inspection by removing the filter’s upper cover
(our centrifugal motor system is located under the vessel chamber for rapid maintenance).
• Between 120 and 1,250 hl / h


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