Lees Filters


The filtering of liquids is the mechanical procedure to separate the solid particles from a fluid. Using the most recent techniques and technologies to the service of this principle the press filters SPADONI have been designed, originating the “ALFA MAGIC” series of filters.

The filter is composed by:

  • Framework in steel covered in 304 stainless steel mounted on wheels or fixed, formed by fixed heading, mobile plate, bridge-frame structure, rods-holding plates.
  • Closing of the package plates by a manual hydraulic system.
  • Feeding piston pump with body in 304 stainless steel made complete of motor-reducer.
  • Buffer tank in 304 stainless steel made, manometers, regulation and safety valves.
  • Piping, valves and taps in 304 stainless steel made.
  • Drip collection tray in 304.
  • Polypropylene made plates with the inside filtrate collector .
  • Cloths in polypropylene made.
  • Electric control board as for EEC norms. With the employment of a centrifugal pump and a dosing unit for filtering aids, (our Model MDS) the filtration of liquids is possible even with particles in suspension.


When the product to be recovered is the solid of the cake, or when a deep dehydration of the cake is necessary, or when rapid cycles of filtering in succession are wanted to effect, it is possible to fit on the filters plates equipped with membranes which can effect a cake squeezing through the compression that the membrane practices on the same cake through the employment of compressed air or water in pressure.

lees filter 1-site lees filter 3-site lees filter 4-site