Mohno Pumps

To displace liquids and products of various densities, the Enoveneta progressive cavity pump is available with built-in hopper for direct loading (‘T’series ), or without hopper(‘V’ and ‘I’ series). The product is displaced throungh the action of a stainless eccentric screw rotor combined with a stator of nbr elastomer for the wine-industry (or a different stator depending on the product to be treated). Enoveneta mono pumps offer high head (5-6 bar) to meet most requirements, further pressure capability is also available. The reduced speed and the specific cavities allow a high quality product transfer. Mechanical, and electronic speed controls are available, as well as further options to meet all specific demands.

General characteristics:

  • stainless steel rotor aisi 304
  • food-complying rubber stator
  • frame on wheels, with brakes
  • electric motor 400V 50Hz 3Ph (standard)
  • control panel
  • self-priming
  • flow reverse
  • product probe