In the Wine and Food Industries more often processing treatments at low temperature are considered essential. Inside this field of applications ITALMEC is in the position to propose and introduce the best of the existing technology to fulfil a large number of customers’ needs. In the last couple of years, due to an important development in using new materials and to an improved selection of all electronic components, the scraped-surface coolers made by ITALMEC have reached the best standard construction which gives a potential buyer a concrete and valuable balance between excellent quality of the machinery offered and its market price. SCRAPED-SURFACE COOLERS – These cooling units are specifically designed for refrigerating wine-musts, juices in general and wines, up to the freezing process point. All the models offered are carefully style-designed and manufactured in accordance to the most modern criteria to operate properly at low power consumption with the scope to reduce the production managing costs. Most of the cooling units manufactured by MECCANICA SPADONI are produced in a monobloc version, supported by a wheeled frame or by simple supports in relation to the dimensions and weight of the machinery.

The main features of the cooling units the firm produces are identifiable by the following:

  • Direct expanding system evaporators
  • Scraper-shaft built-in inside the evaporator
  • Air system condenser
  • Semi-hermetic or hermetic compressor ( in accordance to customer’s needs )
  • Advanced processing components for the machinery setting and controlling operations.
  • Inside the evaporator(s) the refrigerant gas ( R404A or, the still common R22 ) expands to absorb the heating phenomena ( Kcal ) of the liquid solution (wines, juices, musts, etc.) we intend to process ( to refrigerate ).
  • The evaporator is fully made in stainless steel AISI 304, externally insulated by a compact polyurethane coat.
  • The scraper(s) which revolves round the inside of the cylindrical shaped evaporator, has the function to mix the fluid solution (wines, juices, musts, etc.) during the cooling process to increase the heat-exchange value.This important component ( the scraper ) is constituted by a mechanical shaft equipped with wear-resistant blades ( made by a specific PVC material, suitable for the use in the Food Industry ) which assure a constant cleaning of the heat-exchange metallic surface, removing crystals , ice and solids in general, making this type of machine particularly suitable to refrigerate all those liquid solutions ( like wine-must, for example ) containing a high suspending solids percentage. The scraper, made in stainless steel AISI 304 is powered by a gearing motor-reducer. The condenser, having the scope to throw out the absorbed heat coming from the liquid solution to refrigerate in addition to that generated by the compressed gas is at air-operating system ( equipped with a copper made tubes finned battery with aluminium wings ). When possible, the battery is placed into the same condenser offering a great advantage in making more compact and safety-movable the unit. In case the Cooling Units to supply are particularly big, as per overall dimensions and technical design, the condenser(s) are positioned far from the main unit and activated by a remote control system.

GLYCOL SOLUTION CHILLERS – This cooling system is largely known all around the world and quite often installed due to the versatility of the applications offered. In fact, this system is designed to refrigerate cold-storage rooms, storage-tanks equipped with jackets and externally insulated, heat-exchange plates ( commonly submerged inside the storage tanks ). In addition, this system is applied for feeding heat-exchangers, scraped-surface coolers operating with glycol-solution. All these systems can be equipped with ( or not ) a general main electric board to set automatically all the functions of the installation(s).

TUBE IN TUBE HEAT-EXCHANGER This kind of equipment, performing high thermic efficiency, is commonly used to refrigerate wine-musts, pressed-grapes, fruit-pulps having all of these products high content of suspending solids.

 PLATES HEAT-EXCHANGER The plates heat-exchangers are largely used in the Food Industry. The standard material used for the plates is stainless steel AISI 316, whereas the main frame is made in AISI 304 This equipment, which is designed for a high thermic efficiency performance, is the best solution for refrigerating wine or clarified juices and it is particularly suitable for the thermic recovery generated by the tartaric stabilization plants.

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